The Paper Barn Catalog 2014 - page 8

Acclaim Dinner Napkins
The economical single-ply dinner napkin with new embossed design is great for wrapping silverware.
5357920 36202
1 Ply, 16" W x 16" L, White, Paper, 1/4-Fold, Single
Service, EL, 25%PCR, 100%TR
500 Sht/Bag,
8 Bag/Ctn
EasyNap Dispenser Napkins
Controls usage by dispensing napkins one at a time. Independent research has proven napkin usage is
reduced by 56.6% when switching from smaller tall fold style and by 30% when switching from larger
standard MorNap napkin style to EasyNap napkin in a QSR environment.
5076532 32002
1 Ply, 6.5" W x 9.85" L, White, Paper, 1/2-Fold,
Embossed, EL, 30%PCR, 100%TR
250 Sht/Pkg,
24 Pkg/Ctn
Preference Dinner Napkins
Premium appearance and enhanced perception of thickness, softness, and overall hand feel, all
contributing to the guest experience at your establishment.
5420463 31436
2 Ply, 16" W x 15" L, White, Paper, 1/8-Fold, EL,
25%PCR, 100%TR
100 Ea/Pkg,
30 Pkg/Ctn
Tork Advanced 3-Ply Dinner Napkins
The embossed, facial quality of Tork Advanced 3-ply Dinner Napkins brings class and practicality to casual
dining. This 3-ply napkin has advantages over cloth - absorbency, never frayed, uniformly folded
presentation, considerable cost savings vs. cloth. High brightness provides for a quality look and hand
feel. Quarter fold design offers quick and easy wrapping of cutlery.
5311969 NP7380A
3 Ply, 17" W x 16.125" L, White, Paper, 1/8-Fold, BPI,
EL, 20%PCR, 100%TR
290 Sht/Pkg,
6 Pkg/Ctn
Tork Advanced Dinner Napkins
The embossed facial quality 2-ply Tork Advanced napkins bring class and practicality to casual dining.
This economical napkin is ideal for high-volume applications.
5307367 NP310A
2 Ply, 15" W x 16.25" L, White, Paper, 1/8-Tall Fold,
BPI, EL, 20%PCR, 100%TR
375 Sht/Pkg,
8 Pkg/Ctn
Tork Advanced RollNap Dispenser Napkins
The RollNap system dispenses one napkin at a time reducing consumption by up to 25%.
5390287 DR7050A
1 Ply, 17" W x 7.5" L, White, Paper, Embossed, BPI, EL,
20%PCR, 100%TR
500 Sht/Pkg,
12 Pkg/Ctn
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